Bij Gamespot UK hebben ze een hele grote special over Commandos 2. Met veel screens en veel informatie. Hier kan je het vinden. We meet up with Javierand Ignacio Perez to talk about the upcoming Commandos 2.

When Javier and Ignacio Perez set up Pyro Studios in 1996, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines was their only game. It was almost two years in development, and it's taken approaching two years to get the sequel, Commandos 2, in a state to show the press. So how did it all start? "We'd always wanted to make games," says Ignacio Perez, joint CEO with Javier of Pyro Studios. "We ran into Gonzo Suarez, now the project leader on Commandos 2, who was making a tactical game set in Germany in the Second World War. It all started from there."