Op Mods Outpost vond ik dit interview met de makers van de Half-life mod: Commando's 2. Met deze mod willen de makers het spel Commando's proberen weer te geven via de Half-Life engine. The Commandos2 MOD is based mainly from the games Commandos and a lot of World War2 history. There will be special agents from USA versus the German Soldiers. The mod uses a class system and all classes has their own special trained skills plus they got there own unique weapons/ items but will be able to find other weapons/ items. The maps will have objectives like kidnapping (use handcuffs and carry the body), bombings (several objectives ex, AA-guns, planes, houses), and some maps with combined objectives. Ik ben benieuwd hoe ze hun plannen gaan uitvoeren, maar ik ga het in ieder geval goed in de gaten houden