Westwood releasde vandaag haar 4e officiële mappack voor de RTS Command&Conquer: Red Alert2. De mappack bestaat uit 3 nieuwe maps, die gemaakt zijn door het RA2 team. Namen van de maps zijn; Brink of Disaster, Arena en Shrapnel Mountain.Brink of Disaster (2-4 player)

This map is set in a small town located in the mountains of Colorado. Players will find a moderate spread of gold and gems scattered across the map. Bases are by protected by rocky cliffs with limited access.

Arena (2-4 player)

This map is designed with players starting an elevation higher than the rest of the city. There is one entry point into each of the bases, which can be easily defended. In the center of the map players will find a stadium surrounded by a huge wealth of gems. Players will aslo fine Airfields and oil derricks scattered about the map.

Shrapnel Mountain (2-4 player)

Shrapnel Mountain features four unique starting points that can only be accessed by bridges. In the center of the map, players will find an airfield and oil derricks ripe for the taking. Klik hier om de naar de download pagina te fietsen.