Een demo voor de mensen die de full nog niet hebben gespeeld maar dat zullen er niet veel zijn.Tiberian Sun is the stunning sequel to Command & Conquer. Set in the near future, GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod continue their epic battle with high-tech advanced weaponry, 3D dynamic terrain, immersive graphics and highly addictive game play in solo and multi-play modes. Fight on dynamic 3D battlefields where nature itself provides tactical opportunities. Ion storms, destroyable terrain, forest fires, treacheous ice fields, and many more surprises can help or hinder your strategies. With Tiberian Sun's new engine features, dynamic colored lighting brings the mood and attitude of the battlefield more alive than ever before. While Westwood's MegaVoxel technology creates a kinetic and living battlefield as flying shrapnel, shock waves and cr ashing debris deliver relentless in-game action. Two very different ways to play. Choose to command the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) or join the secretive Brotherhood of Nod. Then prepare your troops for combat in Tiberium infested temperate zones, artic tundras, and full cityscapes. This demo contains one tutorial map, and then a second map full of C&C action after you've learned the ropes. Hier kan je hem neerhalen. (43 Mb)