Voor alle mensen die Command & Conquer altijd in 3D wilden beleven komt C&C: Renegade als geroepen.

Lekker rondlopen als commando en iedereen die lastig doet een derde oog geven >The multiplayer mode has been given special attention. Westwood servers will provide standard Internet play with up to thirty-two players per game. The game supports classical Deathmech mode, Catch The Flag mode (actually called Catch The Mobius) as well as Fortress Assault mode in which one group defends a fortress while the other tries to breach it. If I just add that each of the modes will have more than thirty parameters to define the game, what we get is a promising multiplayer experience. I also have to mention the possibility for two players to use one vehicle, one being a driver and the other a gunman.Kunnen we eindelijk met Kane multiplayeren C&C:Renegade Preview