Command & Conquer: Generals patch 1.6, die ondertussen al lang had moeten uit zijn, zou deze week eindelijk uitkomen, maar EA's Harvard Bonin heeft nu laten weten dat de release een weekje verschoven is. Maandag zal de patch intern gekeurd worden, waarna deze een aantal dagen later online zal verschijnen. We wachten maar weer in spanning af

But perhaps the expansion's biggest addition is in the General's Challenge, a brand new game mode. This will allow you to pick generals from the single-player campaign and pit them against one another in a tug o' war. Since you'll be sticking with your choice through over 10 battles, you'll definitely get familiar with the tactics of each and every leader out there, perfect for practice before heading out and playing other real life generals online.

If you loved C&C Generals, its expansion, Zero Hour, is going to make you a happy, happy gamer. The new unit additions, game modes and campaign will certainly add gameplay elements unseen in the series, and will keep you coming back to fight the evil-doers (or play as them), for months to come. En er is nog meer nieuws van het Generals front, want in deze preview komen we iets meer te weten over de nieuwe units in de uitbreiding Zero Hour.