Command and Conquer zijn altijd hits geweest, hoe goed of slecht ze ook waren. De real time strategies werden vanaf de 45 graden hoek bekeken en hield je op een afstandje van het gevecht.

Eind 1999 heeft Westwood bekend gemaakt bezig te zijn met een nieuwe C&C game, genaamd Renegade. Geen RTS maar deze keer een third person shooter. Stomped had de mogelijkheid een praatje te maken met wat teamleden over de vorderingen sinds 1999.Stomped: When Renegade was shown at last year's Entertainment Expo, the expected release date was around Christmas 2000. What has been happening with the game to make it's release date change by so much?

Cermak: Until E3 last year we had been concentrating on technology, at that point we stepped back and began focusing on adding the C&C universe to Command & Conquer Renegade. We have a very ambitious goal, we want to make the player feel as though he has just stepped into an epic war that's raging around him. Because of that, we have enormous, extensive levels, packed full of activity. That takes a long time to build and get right. We are on track to release this fall though, and I think we'll provide the players with a great gaming experience - much deeper and more involved than we could have given them a year ago.Het hele interview is te lezen vanaf Stomped.