Op gamespot hebben ze een preview gedaan van Colin McRae Rally 2.0, de amerikaanse versie van het september 1998 in Europa verschenen Colin MacRea Rally.With over 1.25 million copies sold in Europe alone, CMR has enjoyed continuous star billing in the multi-format gaming charts since its release in September 1998. Even today it only takes a couple of minutes behind the wheel to realise the genius in Codemasters' first rally title. Never before has a game bamboozled so many gullible punters (myself included) into thinking that maybe, just maybe they might be World Rally Championship material. Of course there had to be a follow up, and with PC processing power spiralling upwards faster than a shed in the South-East, it was always going to be a good one. Our sister print magazine PCGW paid a visit to Codemasters' HQ in leafy Warwickshire for the first hands-on playtest. On first acquaintance, it's the new sophisticated designer presentation that grabs your attention. Gone are the old arcade-style selection screens, replaced instead by all-new minimalist menus featuring a stylish "version 2.0" logo. But Codemasters notes that CMR 2.0 is far more than simply CMR with knobs on, as producer Guy Wilday explained. Lees de preview hier.