Old school never dies of zoiets , maar Classic Games blijven een bron van inspiratie. Daily Radar heeft een Classic Games Week waarbij oude titels worden bekeken. Dit keer was het de beurt aan Atari Arcade HitsEver wonder what happened to all those games you used

to play as a kid? Well, the truth is that your old games

have been purchased by some guy for $10 at your parents'

garage sale and are now sitting in a giant box with about 50 other obscure titles waiting to be traded. Think we're kidding? Well, then you just aren't hardcore enough to hang at the Classic Gaming Expo that graced Vegas with its presence July 29-30 at the downtown Plaza hotel.

Playing old arcade games is only worth so much. Luckily

Hasbro has been smart about it -- Atari Arcade Hits is only $20, which makes it worth about, what, 80 plays? Most likely you won't actually get that many quarters out of the game, but can you put a price on memories? Let's not get sappy, of course -- there is a price, and 20 bucks probably fits within that budget. So if the games listed were among your old favorites, Atari Arcade Hits is the way to go for your old game fixes. Kent uw klassiekers zei mijn geschiedenis leraar altijd, maar ik denk niet dat hij deze klassiekers bedoelde