Welke gamer van tegenwoordig heeft er nou geen oud (als in Commander Keen-Mario) spel waar hij nu nog aan verknocht (oud woord ) is? Zelf kan ik nog uren lang Mario spellen spelen zonder me ook maar een moment te vervelenMSNBC schreef er een artikel over. Niet zo heel boeiend helaas, ze hebben het meer over hun tocht door de Classic Gamers Expo (CGE) dan het echte gamen, maar toch wel grappig. O.a. kwamen ze Billy Mitchell tegen, die tot 'Video Game Player of the Century' is uitgeroepen door Namco:On July 3, Mitchell scored the world's first perfect game of Pac-Man, logging in 3,333,360 points and not missing a single fruit or ghost as he played the game until a long-known but seldom reached programming glitch stopped his game.

Walking the floor and trying his hand at the classic coin-operated games along the wall, Mitchell demonstrated that his skills were not limited to Pac-Man. He played through level after level of Zaxxon with ease; but when I asked him which game he was best at, he smiled and said, “It sure as hell isn't Zaxxon. These days I'm more into Donkey Kong.”

So what is the attraction of these classic games and why are they still popular 20 years later? Many of the people at the show say it is nostalgia, but Howard Warshaw has a different view. “We look back at these games and tend to remember the best ones, the ones we really liked. Of course they're going to seem better than the latest games. When you think about today's games, you think about the good and the bad ones. When you think about the classics, you remember nothing but the best.” Vraag me af of hij ook Counter-Strike speelt