Iedereen weet wel wat een clan is, een groep spelers die samen een bepaald type spel spelen. Sommige spelen echt om die-hard te winnen, anderen om de fun, en weer anderen zitten in het midden. Miss Pallor schreef een column over de diverse types clans:It occurred to me that gaming orders are just older (or larger) versions of dreaded school cliques. So, for your health and amusement I have included the different types of gaming orders and middle school clique equivalents below in order to help you better weed through the people smog. Killer Orders

These people are united for one main reason – to kill or get the highest scores. Their main goal is not to have fun - it's to bludgeon the rest of the players with their superiority. While they may have 'leet skillz, they tend to lack organization, longevity and team play. These people have egos and aren't afraid to use them. They seem to stick around a lot in very visible places in order to get as much attention as possible.

In Middle School they were known as "Jocks" (And yes, they tend to have cheerleaders, a.k.a. lackeys, online as well just for show and to mercilessly beat up when other targets cannot be found.).

Fun Group of Guys

You should be able to recognize these people. They will always be the ones playing "for fun". Seriousness is something they know nothing of – so are high scores or high rank. You can find them poo-pooing the Killer Orders all day long and usually when challenged they back out. They tend to like to play maps they edited, or play the sillier games that border on general wastes of time for most people