De official Firaxis Civilization III web site is flink update met informatie over Sid Meier's nieuwste creatie. Naast 3 nieuwe screenshots worden vragen van fans over het spel door de ontwikkelaars beantwoord. Naast al dit moois kan je ook meer informatie over de Resources in Civ III vinden. Q:

Are you going to bring back the "Dan Quayle Chart" for when you retire or win the game? One of the things I loved about the original Civilization was trying to go higher and higher on the chart so I could be better than the great world leaders. It took me forever but one time I finally beat Solomon the Wise. Somehow the ending for Civilization 2 just was not as satisfying. Is more fun to beat Tokugawa or Charlemagne than simply go up a list of adjectives like "X the Foolish."

Thank you for making such a great game series!!!


We are definitely planning on bringing back the "Dan Quayle" screen. It should function about the same way it did in the original Civilization.

Lees meer over het spel of bekijk de screenshots ervan op de Civ III homepage