Goed nieuws voor de turn-based fans onder ons! Activision heeft aangekondigt dat er een vervolg komt op Civ: Call to Power. Call To Power 2 zal zich afspelen in de toekomst en natuurlijk wordt de gameplay verbeterd. Expanding upon the well-established gameplay of Civilization: Call to Power and other games in the genre, Call to Power II offers players several new governing tools, diplomatic options and trade features. The player's diplomatic strategy will play a large role in the development of their civilization, as enemy states will survey the diplomatic landscape before attacking or forming their own alliances. A robust diplomacy interface will assist players in choosing their political stance, and allow counter proposals when dealing with other civilizations. Players who are inexperienced in managing an entire civilization may consult their ministers and advisors who will offer advice and make recommendations. De Activision site is hier te vinden.