Althans volgens Avault. De opvolger van Call to Power is volwassen geworden. Deel 2 heeft alles wat de voorgaande delen zouden moeten hebben. Vooral de diepgang is weer aanwezig. Je kan zelfs je beschaving door ontwikkelen tot de Diamond Age waarbij je zaken als nanotechnologie en levensverlenging kan uitvinden.

Overall: Call to Power II is everything that the original should have been. It has an intuitive interface and eliminates the time-consuming micromanagement within each city that made every other game in the series so drawn out (though some players might not consider this a good thing). In general, Call to Power II is a solid outing that only suffers from the design philosophy of copying a successful formula. It isn't groundbreaking by any means, instead providing a very solid strategy game that will appeal widely to fans of the series or genre. Until we find that next title that will revolutionize and blow everything else clear out of the ocean, Call to Power II is about the best strategy title currently out on the market. If you enjoyed Civilization 2 or Alpha Centauri, your collection of Sid Meier-style games won't be complete without this one on the shelf.

Ben benieuwd wanneer wij in de Diamond Age komen, je hebt in ieder geval geen Diamond computer voor Call to Power 2 nodig. Een P166 volstaat.