Activision heeft aangekondigd dat ze op E3 Civilization: Call to Power II gaan laten zien, met wat aanzienlijke verbeteringen tegenover deel I.Activision has announced it will demonstrate the world-building strategy game, Civilization: Call To Power II, at E3 starting Thursday. Call to Power II gives gamers control over an empire that spans from primitive beginnings into 2300 A.D. People will command powerful armies and utilize 6300 years worth of weaponry, politics, exploration and cultural evolution to defend their empire and defeat enemies. Call to Power II offers several new governing tools, diplomatic options and trade features. Diplomatic strategy will have a large role in the development of a civilization, as enemy states will survey the diplomatic landscape before assaulting or forming their own alliances. A robust diplomacy interface will assist people in choosing their political stance and allow counter proposals when dealing with other civilizations. Call to Power II is being developed at Activision and is expected to ship this fall.