De site ign heeft een preview gemaakt van de MMORPG City of Heroes, gebaseerd op een gesprek met Jack Emmert van Cryptic Studios. Dit spel is vooral voor comic verslaafden een erg leuk vooruitzicht. Je maakt je eigen superheld en rent ermee rond in een levensgrote stad, onderweg ongetwijfeld vele levens reddend.Gameplay itself will be stuck inside the city bounds for right now, even though, as Jack explains, there are future plans for expansion into the great unknown, "We do have areas outside the city planned for expansions in a quarterly or trimester release. For instance there have been rumors of strange lights over the ocean and there are legends of a lost civilization sunk beneath the waves so that's one area that will be explored fairly soon." As it is, Paragon City is a pretty large place. Much like some of the other MMORPGs out on the market at this time, City of Heroes will be divided into several zones. The city should be large enough at release that you'll not find yourself jockeying for elbow room with your fellow elites, but just about the right size so you'll be able to recognize where you are in order to find your way around. "The real size of Paragon City occurs when you start getting into missions and exploring villain lairs and that sort of thing." Er wordt ondermeer gepraat over de gameplay, locaties, 'character creation' en nog veel meer. Een game om in de gaten te houden. Lees de preview hier.