Eidos gaat een spel maken van de populaire film Chicken Run.Keeping to the films' plot, people guide a rescue attempt to lead fellow birds to freedom. Set in a 3D world, the game is focused on exploration with an emphasis on stealth and gathering items needed to escape the farm. The action is viewed through fixed and moving camera angles, similar to Dino Crisis and Metal Gear Solid. People will step into the roles of characters from the film, including Ginger and the rodents, the latter of which are used to obtain objects from the farmhouse.

The characters must interact with other objects in the levels, using wire cutters to bust out of enclosed areas and feeders to hide under. In-game help is furnished via small blueprints. Once all the required objects have been collected, the escape attempt can begin. These can involve more than one bird depending on the abilities of the gamer. The title will appear in stores for the PC and original PS console late next month. Features include:

-14 levels with multiple objectives

-Large 3D environments

-Aardman-inspired animation, characters and locations

-Four main characters and voices from the movie

-Stealth, puzzle solving and arcade elements

-Simple controls

-Special chase sequences

Hopelijk wordt het spel even amusant als de film.