Op walkingcarpet.com vind je een lijst met woorden warop de bots in Q3a reageren, zeer nuttig om ze aan het chatten te krijgen, kun je ze ondertussen mooi fraggen .

Hieronder vind je alvast een paar van de keywords, de rest vind je hier. ["anal", "butt", "bowels", !"kiss my", !"bite my"] = 5 target=new> "Are you anal obsessive?"; "Let's get back to shooting."; "Say that again and things are gonna get ugly!"; "That's nasty."; "You say you're a what?"; "Say what?"; "Why do you keep bringing that up?"; "Jeez, are you fixated or what?"; "OK, enough about your butt."; "Look, my only interest in butts is kicking yours."; "Your butt is mine -- the vice is not versa."; immaturity01; proposition01; response_insult;