Chef schrijft dat de weer een patch te krijgen is van het ├╝bermanagement spel, Championship Manager 2000/2001. Wederom worden er weer veel zaken gefixed in deze patch en voor alle van Marwijks of Geretssen onder ons (Adriaanse wilt niemand zijn volgens mij op dit moment ) is deze patch natuurlijk een must.New to version 3.86

* Northern Ireland loans are now a minimum of 3 months.

* Loans in Italy can now finish in June.

* Changed/removed some South American friendly dates

* MLS quarter final teams are now chosen properly.

* Fixed some MLS schedule dates

* Increased French league prize money

* European Champions League 2nd group phase draw has been improved

* Scottish Premier League teams can no longer loan players off each other

* Fixed a rare problem which could cause the game to crash under certain systems or PC configurations

* Fixed news bug with players being called up for

international games not being displayed properly

* Fixed problem with Fans Player of the Year list not

showing correctly

* Fixed rare crash in the Brazillian league.

* Fixed rare crash involving recently retired players.

* Fixed problem with club position in club screen being

set wrongly for the Swedish Second Division.

* Fixed problems with some awards picking players from

wrong nations.

* Turkish clubs buying foreign players were getting the

wrong message when the transfers were cancelled. The

message should have said that the club were not allowed

to buy any more foreigners.

* You can now sign players for non-player only positions within the club instead of just player/non-player positions.

* Optimised the Minimum and Normal database settings to strip out a few more of the poor players.

Database size settings for these is now more similar to that of CM99/00. This will speed up the game for people with limited memory available.

* Random player generation tweaked to stop very young players from starting with awesome amounts of caps.

* Tweaked match engine slightly.

* Removed unneeded warning 'news.cpp 7624'

and 'contract_manager.cpp 5568'.

* Prevents Club Coaches from being shortlisted for

international managers jobs at large nations

* Prevents Non-Players with who aren't physios from

aking physio positions

* Implemented real-life increase in the Television cash given to clubs in the English league that will come into effect as from next season.

* Improved CPU Manager match AI slightly

* Prevented display of results from background leagues inappropriately

* Improved chances of job offers to managers who are without a jobGelukkig hebben ze nu ook de bug gefixed waardoor de loting voor de 2de ronde wat minder zwaar was, want ik kreeg alleen maar topclubs op bezoek die het doorstromen naar de 3de ronde wat moeilijker maakten.

Championship Manager 00/01 Patch