Er is een patch uitgekomen voor Tiberium Sun die dit spel tot versie 2.02 update. Enkele verbeteringen zijn een betere online support en een betere support voor de addon Firestorm.Changes in V. 2.02

- Out of sync between Tiberian Sun and Firestorm in Tiberian Sun mode is fixed.

- Technicians being incorrectly substituted for engineers in various circumstances in non-English Firestorm is fixed.

- World Domination Tour map settings don't get changed with "Surprise Me".

Changes in V. 2.0

- Skirmish games may now be saved.

- Ability to select all units of a type or types on screen that are currently selected. Functionality must be assigned to a key manually in 'Options - Keyboard' menu under 'Selection Category

- Select Same Type'.

- New main menu allows faster access to different game types (except in the Spanish version).

- Location and server selection integrated into Westwood Online login dialog.

- User locations are displayed in the Westwood Online user list tooltips.

- Full games are greyed out in the Westwood Online games list.

- Battleclan and Firestorm ladders are now browsable in the Westwood Online ladder screen.

- Host location filter added to Westwood Online find game screen.

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