Op 3D Action Planet hebben ze een first-look van C&C:Renegade gedaan. Het spel wordt een soort Drakan midden in het C&C Universium. Sounds cool

Hier is een stukkie:

But didn't I mention vehicles? Boy did I! Once again, Westwood's best intentions show as we'll be able to drive a wide variety of vehicles. Almost every unit from the top-down version will be back in Renegade, and we'll be able to get in the pilot seat and drive them all. From the light attack buggys to the bulky flamethrower tanks, through the GDI Orca attack aircrafts, each will feature their own distinct physics and handling. I personally can't wait to wreak havoc in an enemy cohort with an heavy Tiberium Harvester! Grind grind grind *squish*! Yeah, Krush, Kill'n'Destroy, er, wrong game again. Multiplayer support will allow an unknown number of people (but they're shooting for a whooping 256!) to prove their worth in several 'advanced' and team-oriented types of gameplay ala Team Fortress or, again, Starsiege: Tribes and peaking in actual, scripted multiplayer-only missions. Of course, deathmatch, capture the flag and other more known modifications will also be available (with a twist, they promise). Plus, like Halo, we'll be able to share vehicles with our teammates, and I bet the ability to serve as a gunner or pilot on an Orca aircraft will have even the most reticent fan of top-down C&C on the verge of conversion.

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