Net het nieuws dat Red Alert 2 goud wordt over 3 weken, en nu al een hele hoop roddels over de verdere plannen van Westwood, rechtstreeks van de Westwoodse marketing director:[bullet]The developer is currently toying with the names Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Twilight for the sequel to Tiberian Sun.

[bullet]Red Alert III is now in the planning stages, and Westwood is looking to move the game off PC, although this will remain the core format. Discussions are still taking place as to the platforms for the game.

[bullet]Tiberian Sun 2 may take the form of a persistent online universe, according to Downing. He was loath to give out details when pushed on this, saying only, "It's too early to talk about the concepts for these further games."

[bullet]The visual perspective for both sequels may change from the traditional isometric view to real-time 3D. This is yet to be confirmed.

[bullet]"We're not ruling out Nox 2," said Downing. "But we're taking a good look at feedback." This may give an indication to a third title Downing confirmed was in development at the studio. Hopelijk een stuk beter dan Tiberian Sun