Firestorm, de add-on voor Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun is goud! Het wordt verwacht dat de add-on 9 maart in de winkels ligt (in Noord Amerika). Packed with new units, features and maps, Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun Firestorm, the expansion pack to the two-million-selling real-time strategy game, has been completed and is set to hit shelves in North America March 9th. Firestorm continues the epic story of Tiberian Sun with 18 new single-player missions and more than 30 minutes of live-action filmed sequences. The story picks up with the notorious NOD leader Kane apparently dead and a new, even more deadly enemy emerging. Firestorm energizes Tiberian Sun multiplay with 15 new multiplayer maps, new options for the Battle Map creator, and new units like the Juggernaut, the Mobile War Factory, the Mobile Stealth Generator, and the Cyborg Reaper. There's also a new way to play over Westwood Online called World Domination. This mode allows gamers from around the world battle for the control of the world. Gamers will struggle for their chosen side, GDI or Nod, as they compete against thousands of other commanders. Eventually, either Nod or GDI will control more than 30 territories and claim the globe as their own.