Voodoo Extreme heeft een interview gepost met het Barking Dog Studios team over hun aankomende spel, Homeworld: Cataclysm. Ook hebben ze 2 nieuwe screenshots gepost.

Screenshot 1 kun je hier vinden, en nummer 2 kun je hier zien. Our resident chimp-4-hire, Outlaw, handed out a few reach-arounds and scored an interview with some of the guys from Barking Dog Studios talking about Homeworld: Cataclysm. But thats not all! Also we scored 2 brand new Cataclysm shots to go along with the interview. Here is a part of the interview: Q: What is Barking Dog Studios doing to make Homeworld: Cataclysm a different game, not just a modification for Homeworld? A: We've added a deeper focus on tactical decision-making. The new features we've added make it so that everything you do during a battle impacts your fleet in some other way. The ship unit system means you'll have to consider the size and make-up of your fleet. The upgrade systems means you'll have to make decisions as to when you upgrade your ships as upgrading leaves them vulnerable. The module system means that you'll have to make decisions about how to spend your resource units. Do you spend them on ships, support units so you can build a bigger fleet, or research modules to research new technologies with which to upgrade your ships? Even then, you'll have to decide which modules to build first, depending on what technology you want to research. The core Homeworld gameplay is still there and we've explored some new things in the 3D RTS genre. De rest van het interview kun je hier lezen.