SCi brengt ons wat nieuwe screenies van hun laatste telg uit de Carmageddon serie, TDR 2000.

De andere 4 vind je hier.Presenting at long last the new Eagle!

Well, as we said, we did listen to the constructive comments we got from the fans. This version of the Eagle has detachable everything! It's possible to smash it down to more or less just a frame and an engine!

The under side of the car is fully modelled too and the suspension system works nicely which you can see clearly if you chose to rip the chassis off! We also have a 5-speed gear box (for real- or automatic if you're lazy) and one of the most realistically modelled driving systems you've ever seen.

The first car you saw last year was just a test Eagle though we took all the comments we received on board ('Don't like it', 'It looks like a toy car', 'You suck'...) and came back with the mean 'n' nasty car you see here. But hey we always knew what we wanted anyway... it's nice to get feedback when you totally agree with IT yourselves and you already know you're going to address the issues anyway...

It's a car that needs to be driven (into objects at high speeds)... Yes the windscreen is transparent it's just very opaque- and we like it like that. The car also dirties up nicely as you drive along and the textures show the damage as well as the model itself.