FGN heeft de maker van TDR 2000, Daren Barnet, geinterviewed over zijn nieuwe creatie. Hier een quote:He continued, "The player finds themselves in the middle of an urban nightmare and essentially trying to win their freedom by getting the hell out of there. This is achieved by the player competing through a mix of traditional Carmageddon races and undertaking missions in order to progress to the next area of the world." There are two ways the game can be played, campaign mode (described above) and free play. Free play mode allows the player to: - Explore any level they have completed in campaign mode - Set the parameters for the Carma races (number of laps timing etc.) - Set the number of opponents and their level of aggression - Set the number of cops, drones, pedestrians in the world -Control environmental parameters TDR 2000 is set to ship for PC in Q2. en hier de link