John Carmack heeft een beetje een sentimenteel stukje geschreven over Seumas McNally, een "Hodgkin's Lymphoma" patient die dus op het punt stond om dood te gaan. Die wilde een tank spel, genaamd "Treadmarks" maken. Net een paar maanden nadat hij het af had stierf hij:Longbow continued to be successful, and eventually the entire family was working full time on "Treadmarks", their new 3D tank game. Over email about finishing the technology in Treadmarks, Seumas once said "I hope I can make it". Not "be a huge success" or "beat the competition". Just "make it". That is a yardstick to measure oneself by. It is all too easy to lose your focus or give up with just the ordinary distractions and disappointments that life brings. This wasn't ordinary. Seumas had cancer. Whatever problems you may be dealing with in your life, they pale before having problems drawing your next breath. He made it. Treadmarks started shipping a couple months ago, and was entered in the Independent Games Festival at the Game Developer's Conference this last month. It came away with the awards for technical excellence, game design, and the grand prize. [break]knip[/break] Seumas died the next week. I am proud to have been considered an influence in Seumas' work, and I think his story should be a good example for others. Through talent and determination, he took something he loved and made a success out of it in many dimensions. Surf naar Longboy Digital Arts voor meer info over het spel of naar de Seumas Memorial site over Seumas zelf.