Goed nieuws voor de mensen die al 4x de wereld hebben veroverd en al 6x een alien hebben gemaakt met Civilization: Call to Power. Activision is druk bezig met Call to Power 2 en ign heeft zijn hadden kunnen leggen op een beta voor een preview.There's been a lot made out of the macromanagement of CTP2. Instead of handling each little detail (so the story goes) you'll now be able to focus on the more global aspects of your empire. While this is true to an extent, the build we've got still offers lots of opportunities to fine-tune every little part of your empire. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially for gamers who are going to be interested in playing this game in the first place. But there's much more of a sense of national, empire wide management here than in the Civilization games.

In keeping with the big picture approach, CTP2 lets you set broad priorities for the empire as a whole and rely on your mayors to run the turn-to-turn operation of the city. The national management interface is pretty slick (although there's not enough control to substitute for individual management). Still it's nice to take the focus off of the cities and place it on the empire. The problem with our build is that the city autopilot didn't really seem to make the best decisions. I normally don't put much stock in these routines, but unless Activision can improve on the current mayor setup, then the concept of empire management seems kind of moot.

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