Er zijn een aantal dingen zeker in het leven. Een daarvan is de survival van de Civilization games. We begonnen met Civ, Civ2, Civ Test of Time, Civ Call to Power en nu krijgt de laatst ook een vervolg. Beschavingen starten en afmaken blijkt een goed verkopend concept .

Op Pc.ign hebben ze het intro filmje.Call To Power 2 will be a lot more playable than its predecessor, said Activision at the Activate press day last week. The previous game suffered at the hands of critics and public alike but Activision has promised changes.

They have tried to make the game more balanced, and to this end have introduced far more complex diplomacy - so complex that it will be possible to win the game through diplomacy, along with the other routes to victory: science and military conquest.

Trading has been simplified greatly. No longer will players have to click through four screens to set up a caravan - a few clicks on the main map screen will get you trading.

A new feature will be an interactive tech tree based in the Great Library building. This will let players examine what inventions will become available in the future.

The end-game is promised to be more balanced too. The undersea colonisation is now crucial, whereas the space-based part of the game has been removed. The game's time frame will run from 4000BC to 2300AD. Civilization Call To Power 2.....the story continues CCTP:2 the movie... eh intro