De ECTS is in volle gang en Eurogamer heeft daardoor een previewtje van B&W bij elkaar kunnen schrapen.

Ook een aantal schitterende screenshots zijn in de preview verwerkt en de als je preview gelezen hebt lijkt de "hype" gerechtvaardigd.The highlight of the "Show B4 The Show" party which Electronic Arts held at their plush new European headquarters in Chertsey last night was undoubtedly "Black & White". Designer Peter Molyneux, a man who (as the announcer pointed out) needs no introduction, was on hand to demonstrate the game to a room packed to overcrowding every hour, on the hour, with many people returning to watch the show again and again throughout the evening...

Peter described Black & White as "a role-playing story-based game where you play a god", but there's a lot more to it than that. It's his return to the "god game" genre which he helped to create with Populous. It's a strategy game in which you lead a tribe of superstitious villagers. It's a Pokemon for the new

millenium, with giant creatures that you can train to do your bidding. It's .. insane.

Black & White is quite possibly the most stunning game I have ever seen. It looks set to provide players

with an immersive and interactive world the likes of which has never been seen before, and in which you

can play with almost complete freedom.

It works on so many levels that almost everybody should find something in it to like, whether it is house

training your creatures, raining fire and brimstone on rival tribes, building up your own followers, or

simply wallowing in your own evilness. Bloody marvellous.


De hele preview kan en (moet ) je hier lezen.