De deal met Microsoft en Bungie lijkt niet zo soepel te gaan als verwacht. Heel veel fans zijn er boos over, omdat ze denken dat Halo misschien alleen voor de Xbox zal worden releasd, en niet voor de PC of Mac. Hier een voorbeeldje van een boze fan:GOOD THING?!?!??! Bullshit! Bungie was the greatest software company, and now they have been infatuated by Satan himself! Have you SEEN all the Bungie fan sites!? They are morning the loss. Only Satan's Followers are happy about what has happened. Bungie was proof of how a small started by two people can grow to be the best and survive on their own. Al the memories the fans have. This is a betrayal, and should not be treated as being something good. [break]Bungie heeft ook wat meer losgelaten:[/break] "There's been mention of Bungie helping to 'shape' the X-box. What exactly does that mean? Can you be more specific?" I'd like to continue to produce Bungie-specific items as long as there's demand for them. As for existing inventory, what's not going to Take2 is going into the online team's closet to be used to support fan gatherings. This should be cool. I suppose that's pretty vague for good reason. Basically, being near and close to the Xbox team will allow us to influence their design. For example, we've already discussed a number of decisions they're making about online issues, and we've seen some problem areas. Oftewel nog meer negatieve publiciteit voor Microsoft, en ze gaan nu ook al naar de "Supreme Court" ivm hun monopolie rechtzaak.