De mannen van de DailyRadar hebben een preview gebakken van Buggin'. Een nieuwe game met Volkswagen wagentjes.Buggin' is a racing game developed with an original 3D engine by Xpiral. The game is designed for a general audience -- we really hate those types -- with minimum system requirements. Buggin' isn't like EA's similar N64 title, Beetle Adventure Racing. There are no crazy dinosaur islands, lava pits or cutesy shortcuts; it focuses instead on straight racing. It only needs a Pentium 166 to run, and it doesn't demand -- although it does support -- a 3D accelerator. The selling point of Buggin' is that it features most of the Volkswagen lineup from the 1968 classic "love bug" to the 1970's VW van and even the new 1999 Beetle Cup model. We would like to point out, however, that none of the cars feature acid-spewing cannons, bloody gibs or a poke in the eye from a sharp stick. Yet the game still looks good.

Mooie hippie bus!