Adventure Gamer meldt wat Broken Sword 3 nieuws en ze hebben als eerste wat exclusieve screenshots. George Stobbard en de beeldschone Nico zullen hun rol weer spelen in het derde deel van de adventure-serie dat trouwens volledig in 3D zal zijn. (*zucht*)The design document and provisional script for Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon have been completed, and we're tremendously excited about the ideas. George Stobbart and Nico will return once again – though they will have matured in both characterisation and appearance.

We have a clear and exciting vision for the next generation of adventure games. The advance in technology finally allows us to create a visually stunning game with a strong atmosphere and plot that exploits the opportunities of a full 3D world

Written very much as a dark crime thriller, with the look and feel of a Hollywood action film, the game will place new demands on players, as they explore a whole new world full of exotic locations. Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon will require a mix of skills in order to succeed – including stealth, combat and puzzle solving – making this truly the next generation of adventure games. The game's set pieces will be truly explosive and offer scope for a new breed of puzzle. (...)Meer screenshots kun je ergens vinden. De game kun je vinden bij je plaatselijke softwareboer, maar dan wel pas in het jaar 2002.