Het opmerkelijke aan breakneck is dat het eerst in Europa uitgebracht wordt en daarna pas in de VS! Hieronder een stuk uit de review:Without a doubt Breakneck's strongest feature is its graphics engine, which for the most part is simply phenomenal. The game's viewing distance is extremely far, and with the numerous twist and turns this game's 24 tracks have to offer, this is a real blessing. The game also runs very fast, with noticeably silky smooth frames per seconds, which never really showed any signs of slow down - even with 16 other cars on the track. Overall, Breaneck has one of the better physics engine I have come across in a racing title... it just feels right. The tracks are also nicely detailed (up to 60,000 polygons per track) with real world locations modeled in convincing accuracy. I really felt that each of the tracks offered there own unique challenges, and were not just re-textured environments. In mountainous areas you had to be wary of steep cliffs and tight passage ways, while the dessert maps had their own specific challenges such as the clouds of blinding dust kicked up by a competitor or the giant rocks that riddled the roads. The game's many environments are diverse, thoroughly authentic, and offer a wide variety of challenges.