Op Avault is te lezen dat Terminal Reality bezig is met BloodRayne, een third-person action game welke eind 2002 op alle belangrijke gameplatformen gaat verschijnen (GC, PC, PS2, Xbox).

Het spel wordt eind 2002 verwacht en speelt zich af in de jaren 30. De hoofdrolspeelster is is half-vampier, half-mens (het zusje van Blade ? ) en gaat de strijd aan tegen een mysterieuze organistatie die het slecht voor heeft met de wereld.Set in the 1930's, BloodRayne introduces female agent BloodRayne. A supernatural union of human and vampire, BloodRayne was raised and trained by a secret governmental agency to hunt down and eliminate global evil forces. In her first game she must take on an occult faction of pre-Nazis and their army of ghouls to prevent them from unleashing creatures of unfathomable terror onto the world.

BloodRayne's repertoire includes inhuman strength, spectacular leaping and acrobatic skills, night vision, zoom vision, and slow-motion perception that enables her to weave in and out of bullets, a la Max Payne. By feeding off the blood of other creatures, she is able to sustain her life force; however her undying thirst for blood compels her onward until she is driven into Bloodlust, where she achieves near invincibility and unstoppable lethality.

Zo te zien zijn er wel meer onthullende dingen in het spel