Nederland is niet het enige land met veel open vacatures. In gameland is de situatie bijna gelijk .

Dit keer heeft Blizzard een oproep gedaan.Level Designer

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a level designer with experience building levels using QERadiant,

Worldcraft or other similar 3D level building tool. The ideal candidate has created and distributed levels

in the fan/mod community, or has industry experience on a shipping game. Level designers need to be able to create fun and interesting environments that look and play great. Skills in scripting or general 3D modeling/texturing are preferred. Samples of your work should be submitted along with a resume and cover letter. Please include a breakdown for each level that describes what you did (layout, modeling, textures, lighting, triggers, etc.).


Passion for games.

Experience creating levels in QERadiant, Worldcraft or other 3D level editor.

Great sense for what makes a game or level fun to play.

Ability to model, in 3D, interesting architecture and environments.

Scripting ability and general 3D skills are preferred.

Please submit non-returnable porfolios and resumes to:

Blizzard Human Resources

Attn: Fred Wallace

Level Designer

P.O. Box 18979

Irvine, CA 92623Gevraagd knappe leveldesignster, blond haar, 25 jaar en single .