Omdat er de laatste tijd steeds meer developes besluiten om de console als belangrijkste afzetmarkt te kiezen, ging DailyRadar de discussie met Blizzard aan wat hun toekomstplannen zijn omtrent de Xbox.DR: What's the biggest challenge when making games for a console as opposed to the PC? Is it something basic like the lower resolution of the TV, or something more complicated like the control scheme? BR: Console games are very different beasts than PC games, and realizing that is probably the biggest challenge developers who do move from the PC to Xbox will have to overcome. While resolution is of some concern, it is really areas such as how to get the most out of the limited controller input, how to make the game flow for an audience that traditionally likes faster paced games, or how to get people into the game with little to no explanation. Nintendo is often credited with having the design criteria that it should take no more than 5 minutes to go from popping in the cartridge to being engrossed in the game. This is very different than, say, an involved Role-Playing Game for the PC where you might spend 30 minutes just creating your character!Blizzard interview