Bleem heeft weer een update gehad met de volgende verbeteringen...-The speed limiter doesn't EXIST any more. Yep, no speed slider, the logic got that good that it's not required any more ! This also causes another speed up ! -A new Texel Alignment option fixes the bugs in the 3d chipsets (causes 2D backgrounds to look better in D3D) -Bleem! now uses a file called "bleem!.ini". Guess what this means ? The whole compatiblity database is now stored in the ini file so you don't need to download the whole program for compatiblity updates or can even modify it yourself. -MAJOR bug fixes and loading fixes causing MANY more games to start now Extremly long list of memory card improvements like : FF8, WWF Attitude, Street Figher EX+ Alpha, Star Ocean: The Second Story, G-Darius, CastleVania and many more -Major speed improvements with High-Res games like for example Tekken 3 -Fixed more sound problems on MANY machines and soundcards -Wide support for Mouse (many joysticks will now emulate the PSX Mouse) -Support for NegCon and JogCon (PSX controllers) -new CDROM Access Speed slider that lets the user adjust the settings to improve the playback on their particular drive (especially helpful with slower drives or high-latency drives) -Many multidisc games are working now (disc changing caused bleem! to crash before), also a better logic with ejecting CD's MAJOR improvements on machies that used to stutter a lot in MDEC movies -Added New Sampling Rate Selections and adjusted Sound Timing Logic -And, finally, there's a real installer and Uninstaller now Een tip...Final Fantasy 8 op de pc??? Dat lijkt me beter dan nog een jaar te moeten wachten