Mensen die Nocturne gespeeld hebben zullen verheugd zijn, aangezien het spel The Blair Witch Project op de (verbeterde) Nocturne engine draait en er zelfs personages uit Nocturne in dit spel zullen spelen.

De gamer zal niet 1 van de personages uit de film kunnen spelen, maar een zekere Elispeth "Doc" Holiday, die even naar het dorp komt om de waarheid naar boven te halen...

De features van het spel vind je hieronder.

Game creator Terminal Reality has released new details about its upcoming third-person action game, Blair Witch Volume 1: Rustin Parr. Blair Witch Volume 1 is powered at the hand of an enhanced Nocturne engine, and will be the first of three PC titles in the Blair Witch collection. Published through Gathering of Developers, the game will reach stores in the U.S. and Canada this month.

Based on the horror movie and its associated legends, Blair Witch Volume 1 also features characters from Nocturne, a 3D-action horror PC game released in October 1999. It is set in the same town as the film, and begins following the arrest and conviction of Parr, a local hermit who claims the whisperings of an old-woman ghost led him to abduct and murder seven children. The gamer controls Elispeth "Doc" Holiday, an investigative scientist. She arrives in town to unravel the true nature of the supernatural forces surrounding the legend of the Blair Witch and to determine the role it had in the murders. Doc will use an arsenal of unique items and weapons as well as her investigative resourcefulness to solve the enigma. Features will include:

- Character animation that adapts to different situations and environments

- An in-game field journal for recording all clues, research, maps and conversations

- Hard Puzzle and Hard Combat modes

- Character dialogue with full facial and gesture animation

- A wide range of weapons and investigation gadgets

Hard Combat? Wide range of weapons? Hmmm...