Tim Gerritsen van Human Head heeft zijn .plan geupdate waarin wat geruchten de kop in worden gedrukt over de Blair Witch Project game waar ze mee bezig zijn.Man, I can't believe the bulls**t floating around the net. Here's the deal. We are not doing Blair Witch using the Unreal engine, ok? We never said we were, so please get the facts straight before you publish something to the masses. All we have stated thus far is that we are doing a Blair Witch game. I asked that people wait and see what we are planning before flooding us with mail, and already people are claiming that we are going to make a game based on the Unreal engine, and that it will be some stupid movie tie-in about some dumb kids getting chased in the woods. Relax. Take a breather and wait for the details, ok? We wouldn't be doing this game unless we felt we could do something worthwhile. Please ait for the details before making up things that aren't true.