The Blair Witch schijnt blijkbaar ook genoeg stof te zijn voor een nieuwe game. Terminal Reality moet dit speeltje gaan maken en dit is hun commentaar...In order to be fair to the print media, we can't just give out all the information on what is going to be done with the Blair Witch license on the Internet right now. What I can tell you is that TRI will NEVER ever do something that is stupid. Nobody in their right mind would make a game about college students running around in a forest from a witch. While it made for a great movie, it would make a boring game. Nocturne, the game, is about the Stranger. Imagine a stand alone mission that sends the Stranger up east to investigate some sort of supernatural occurence. You could call this stand alone mission: a stand alone game, an addon pack, a sequel, a mission pack, or whatever you want. It, however, is not Nocturne 2. The point is that we would never do anything to compromise the Nocturne universe. Please thank your unappreciated Mistress of the Dark, Kazi Wren for keeping you up to date with all the information as soon as she gets it. And for correcting any misinformation as soon as it surfaces. - Mark

Terminal Reality Inc.Hmmm...nog een game naar een film? Ach..als deze net zo spannend is als de film dan zit het wel goed.