Bij Incite hebben ze een preview gemaakt van Blair Witch: Episode 3. Dit is geen game van de film The Blair Witch Project. Het spel is nog in ontwikkeling en zal pas volgens zeggen aan het einde van het jaar klaar zijn As the game begins, nearly everyone is leaving town just as you are arriving. They're all afraid of the Blair Witch and are trying to scare you out of town. Episode 3 is slated to have lots of action – you won't spend much time solving mysteries or looking for clues in complex storylines. Rather, you'll fight. A spell system is being devised, and a few weapons from 1785 – like the musket – will be available. And guiding you along the way will be three characters: a reputed witch named Elizabeth Styler will teach you pagan magic; a shaman named Whis-can will teach you Indian magic; and priest Hale Stead will teach you Christian magic, all of which you'll need to combat the dark forces at work. Bij Incite hebben ze ook een aantal screenshots.