GamersCentral heeft een preview gebakken van Blade. Hieronder wat meer info en wat mooie plaatjes! En natuurlijk: De rest is hier te vinden.Blade's story starts out a long time ago, in an age where the brave warriors that populated the face of the earth became more and more arrogant and villainous. The righteous gods weren't very pleased with the vast increasing number of corrupted warriors so they decided it was time for some severe punishment and in their wrath they sent forth a horrific flame breathing dragon to the earth that was to destroy everything in his sight.

The warriors, once so full of themselves, were no match for the fiery beast and it looked like they and the rest of the planet were to bite the dust. The dragon sure was more than capable of destroying all of mankind if it weren't for the goddess of kindness: Aiha. She, in her almighty mercy, decided to defy the will of the other gods and forge an extremely powerful sword, which in the capable hands of a true warrior could defeat that nasty dragon. There was only one warrior capable enough of accomplishing this near-impossible task. The name of this soon to be hero? Blade.