Onlans maakte Microsoft de lijst met developers voor de Xbox bekend, waaronder het nieuwe team "Lionhead Studios' satellites". Niet geheel onverwacht werd er dus op ECTS aangekondigd dat er een vervolg op Black & White komt, op oa. Xbox en Playstation 2. Peter Molyneux van Lionhead spreekt:"The idea for Black & White Studios has really come from the immense amount of interest that there has been in Black & White. Even though the game has yet to be released, it is obvious that there will be a huge demand for extras and add-ons to Black & White. In addition we want to see Black on White on new platforms such as the Xbox and PS2. Black & White Studios will be in position to fulfill this demand and ensure that a continual stream of extras enhance Black & White's shelf life. Ultimately, Black & White Studios Ltd will produce the sequel to Black & White."