Er is weer een nieuwe Black & White preview verschenen. Dit maal geschreven door de mannen en vrouwen van Games Domain.

Hieronder de info..If you play MP3s or CDs through your computer, your creature will listen and, over time, learn how to dance to the kind of music you like. Imagine the surprise of leaving your creature for a few minutes and returning to find it break dancing to one of your favourite tunes! They build lairs in the depths of your Citadel, and decorate them with objects and mementoes of important happenings. Creatures even make their own websites - which can be uploaded for everyone to see - adding images of their friends or other events in their life.

Certain other - ahem - bodily functions have been simulated. Creatures can catch fleas or viruses, and after eating they even take a dump. Amid yet more laughter, the monkey seemed delighted with his creation, and even threw some at Peter.

When two creatures take a dislike to each other, they fight. Lionhead has implemented a fully-featured fighting system similar to games like Streetfighter or Tekken - so you can control your creature's combat directly, although this can be left to the AI if fighting is not your thing.