B&W wordt door bijna iedereen al de hemel ingeprezen, maar er zijn ook mensen die B&W met een sceptische blik bekijken. Zo heeft Actiontrip een aantal aspecten onder de loep genomen en ze eens kritisch bekeken.Black and White, Black and White… So much talk about

Black and White… Although the game is indisputably brimming with creative and fresh ideas, it's definitely not an autonomous vision. I remember Peter saying once that Black and White is the pinnacle and the epitome of his work thus far. So, by no means is Black and White an idea that just "struck" him while sitting under the apple tree. Black and White takes the ideas of toying with good and bad, and the concept of religion, or

human belief rather (as addressed in Populous, and Dungeon Keeper), and just takes them to another level. So much so, that it could never be compared to any of the previous titles, but still not without saying that Black and White is the natural evolution of Peter's previous work… What is so new about Black and White? Looking from a pure conceptional point of view I found

two things to be the game's defining moments - something that is clearly not found as evolved in any of Peter's past games: Titans, also known as the creatures, and the fact that the game world, and the creatures actually reflect the player's personality. Also, although Peter used to toy with finding good sides to bad and vice-versa in Dungeon Keeper, this is the first time the lines of morality have been completely blurred. In short, Black and White introduces three revolutionary concepts: The Creatures, reflection of one's personality in a video game, and an intelligent way of asking some fundamental, existentialistic questions. (No offense Lionhead, but I feel "The Meaning of Life" already has

the answers to some of those -Ed)Ze zijn kritisch, maar bekijken het niet zwart wit