De BW Vault heeft een verslagje van hun visit bij Lionhead in elkaar gedraaid.

Hieronder een kleine impressie.We came, we saw, we returned to tell you lot just how good it is. As planned we visited Lionhead Studios on the 20th Jan 2000 for an update on the game. During the visit we were shown around all the departments Graphics, Sound, Beta Testing etc. The highlight of the visit (of course) was the in depth demo that Peter Molyneux did for us. And here is the transcript of that demo in full…Or is it? Well in truth it's too long a feature to give you all at once. You'd probably keel over and die with the shock of its brilliance. So what we've done is serialise it. Over the course of this week we'll be running the interview. So here's part 1. Read, enjoy and don't forget to check back later in the week for further instalments.