Via Voodooextreme kwam ik erachter dat er 2 nieuwe filmpjes van B&W uit zijn, nu alleen het spel nog .(Voodooextreme)

The Citadel has smacked up two new movies this morning from Lionhead's Black & White. I'm sure many of you (just as I am) are anxiously awaiting the September release of Black & White. The first movie is a Q&A with Peter Molyneux and the second shows off some more gameplay.

(The Citadel) Time to jump-start the week with a nice pair... of movies. (What were you thinking about? ^_-) First, we have one more Q&A video (last Q&A, I swear. Really, this time.) with Peter Molyneux describing the prospects for the Black & White box marketing bit. It's 8.1 megs and available on our local server for the moment. Second, we have another Gameplay movie! (Yaaaaaay.) A short little nipper, it weighs in at a lightweight 11.8 megs, so even the slowest connection should be able to grab it in a reasonable amount of time. Contained within is the super-secret (not!) controls of the game, narrated by Peter, as always. Grab it here. I haven't heard from our European mirror guys yet, but when we do, it'll be posted here. That's all for now... (Just wait until Wednsday.. I've got a special treat for you all!)Movie 1: Boxes Movie 2: Controls

Nu maar de dagen aftellen tot september...