Gamesmania had een interview met een van de mensen achter Black Isle, Feargus Urquhart. Black Isle is het bedrijf achter o.a. Baldur's Gate en recentelijk Icewind Dale.Gamesmania: In your opinion, what is the biggest difference between an RPG designed for PCs and one designed for a console? Urquhart: The most significant difference is the ease of playing the game. PC RPGs are much more difficult for a console player to play because there are normally more rules, more things that can be done during combat, and non-linear aspects to the game. Console RPGs work best when they are more linear and the gameplay is simplified. When making a PC RPG we sometimes put up with what is probably a poor control scheme because of the flexibility it gives the player. On a console, it all needs to be made easy to use. De rest lees je hier. De site van Black Isle is hier te vinden.