Wil je ook cool zijn en Bioware helpen met Baldur's Gate II: Shadows Of Amn, dan heb je nu je kans. Ze willen de compatibiliteit testen met het converten van oude save games (uit Baldur's Gate 1) en hebben daarom een hele grote stapel daarvan nodig. Als jij dus mee wilt helpen kun je je eigen save game ook insturen. Goed nieuws dus want dan kan Jimmy z'n super-paladin character dus bewaren

Hier instructies:Your saved games will generally be in a directory called either Save or MPSave, in the Baldur's Gate directory on your hard drive. Each saved game is actually a subdirectory in the Save directory, named something like "12345678-Mysavegame" (8 digits, a dash, and the file name). Please submit the entire directory. Character files are located in a subdirectory called Characters, also located in the Baldur's Gate directory. They are called something like "mychrname.chr". Please submit the appropriate .chr file.

When submitting saved games and characters, please zip them into one single file, and attach that to an email submission message that details the following information about the character: Name, Class(es), Level/Class, Experience Points/Class, specialization in mage school, dual classed / multiclassed.

Mailen doe je naar: bgsaves@bioware.com